Let's Stay In Touch...

Wild Arisings is a soul-stirring love letter to your inbox, filled with whatever insights surface from my deepest knowing to help you heal your emotional wounds, connect with your truest self, and shine your light brightly.

In each letter, I share my own stories, especially my challenges and how I overcame them, hoping they will inspire and encourage you on your own path of authentic living. I make each message meaningful because I only want to contribute to your life in a positive way, not add to the noise.

"To tell you the truth, I just enjoy everything I get from you---it all seems to originate from who you are and how you see the world, which is with love and compassion and allowing."

In addition to a personal missive, each letter includes:

  • An invitation to set your intentions for the next month.
  • Guidance from my favorite tarot deck to encourage you in the days ahead.
  • Links to my best blog posts from the previous month, so you’ll never miss a beat.
  • News about new courses and offerings.

You'll also receive access to free self-discovery resources in the Always Well Within Library.

Wild Arisings arrives at the New Moon each month. At the Full Moon, I send a brief update with a stress tip and a gentle reminder to check-in on your intentions.

Kind Words

Here are some of the anonymous responses to my last reader survey specifically about my Wild Arisings e-letter.  

"I like the vibes of the topics and the way you present it. I like the surprises I find as I read through. I save them in my inbox folder 'well' to read over and over. Each time I find something else."

"Your monthly topics make me search deeper in my own life and question and observe."

"I feel like at times when I open mail you have written to me personally with things true to heart."

"I love your 'Wild Arisings' e-letter Sandra! Always enjoyable and something to look forward to. I've even overcome my sloth and started setting a new moon intention the last couple of months." 

"I find your thoughts stay with me and it makes me reconsider certain habits that I might want to change."

"I like the format of sharing ideas the can be immediately implemented into my daily life, followed by the Be Intentional segment and Tarot card reading."

"It is a great way to reflect on the prior month and put intentions into action."

"I enjoy that it's a more in-depth exploration of one topic. I also enjoy the tarot/guidance cards that you pull for the message."

"Love it just as it is."